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8 Modern Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Home Owners

Written by Annika Caldwell


Posted on February 27 2020

It is estimated that more than 40 million Americans move each year, with 80% of those moves taking place between April and September, making summer the season for housewarming! Fortunately NØRDIK is here to eliminate the stress and pressure of finding the perfect gift for your "mover" by bringing you gift ideas to put your mind at ease!


If there is one thing we all learned from Sheldon (Big Bang Theory, yes, we are fans!) it is the value of being able to offer friends and family a soothing "hot beverage"! Whether it is coffee, tea, hot spiced wine or milk for dunking cookies, mugs offer both a functional and visually pleasing way to serve those special beverages! Iittala's TEEMA mugs come in fresh colors and offer a minimalist aesthetic to pair with existing tableware. The TEEMA collection has been around since 1952 making it a design classic that will keep any table setting classy! As a modern touch, TEEMA mugs are made of highly durable vitro-porcelain, meaning that your gift will last years of dishwasher, oven, freezer and microwave use. If you want to kick your gift up a notch, take a look at the rest of designer Kaj Frank's TEEMA collection, including plates, platters, cups and bowls! 

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iittala teema collection white & pearl grey


Most housewarmings turn into an impromptu party....why not gift something that can be used right away! Wine glasses can make a statement to any table setting and their look and feel absolutely enhances the enjoyment of the wine that's inside! The classically simplistic Iittala ESSENCE white and red wine glasses are exactly what the vintner ordered! The ESSENCE collection features a unique shape to its design and offers a rare thin lip for elegant sipping and a delicate stem for a sophisticated feel. ESSENCE glasses are mouth blown, lead free crystal and are dishwasher safe ranking them among the most highly acclaimed glassware in the world. Take your gift to the next level with an ESSENCE wine decanter! No wine drinkers in the house? The ESSENCE collection also offers beer glasses, cocktail glasses and even tumblers!

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iittala essence collection


There's nothing worse than preparing food in the kitchen or washing the dishes or your hands and finding you have nothing to wipe your hands on except your pants! LAPUAN KANKURIT offers a gift than can fill that need while personalizing and brightening up a new house! At NØRDIK we offer more than 50 unique tea and dishtowel designs. Our towels are made of 100% European linen or linen/organic cotton blend or 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Towels made from linen are more absorbent and are sustainably produced which is a gift for our planet as well! Take a look at designs from LAPUAN KANKURIT, KAUNISTE, AAPISTE and EKELUND - a unique design for every taste!

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Lapuan Kankurit RUUSU x HVITTRÄSK Tea Towel (3 colors)


If their kitchen is already spruced up with long lasting linen dish or tea towels from one of our classic designers, how about gifting something for your "movers" that dresses THEM up while there are in the kitchen! LAPUAN KANKURIT and KAUNISTE offer a dozen different colorful designs including flowers, forest animals (for the manly chef) and other traditional Scandinavian textile designs. Once again, long lasting linen is found in these full length or waist aprons, adding function, value and class to kitchenware!

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Kauniste TUTTI FRUTTI Apron Light Green


One  characteristic that many new homes or apartments share is empty walls, especially if it's a new relationship moving in to their first place. Let Teemu Järvi help you bring the wilderness indoors with the gift of one of his unique forest creature art prints, on paper, poster or birch wood. You can also feel good about a Teemu Järvi gift as it is produced on eco-friendly paper and wood products certified for sustainability! His minimalist reed pen designs add character and warmth to any home and produce a soothing calm that takes us away from our hectic and stressful urban lifestyles and transports us to the tranquility of the forest!

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 Teemu Järvi ROE DEER print | 2 size options


Like a fine wine pairs with perfectly aged cheese, a hot beverage in a TEEMA mug pairs with a LAPUANKANKURIT linen or wool blanket! Most couples or families have blankets for their bedding needs but that snuggly winter blanket or throw for the couch on movie nights or for use outside on the porch or balcony on chilly evenings are often forgotten. LAPUAN KANKURIT linen-cotton blankets are also versatile enough to be used as decorative table coverings = a two for one gift! These classic textiles will last a lifetime and come in a wide variety of design patterns and colors!

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Lapuan Kankurit KUKAT Blanket / Tablecloth White-Rose


Sometimes a home needs that one "WOW" decorative item to add a visual splash of color and a conversation piece. Timeless and classic ALVAR AALTO and KASTEHELMI vases can help you bring just such a gift to your special housewarming! Designer Oiva Tikka's "dew drop" vase from KASTEHELMI collection comes in three colors and was originally designed in 1964 yet remains a unique, classic piece to grace that special place in home. Alvar Aalto's fluid, organic vase design made its debut at the 1936 World's Fair in Paris! The "Finlandia" vase is an icon of Finnish design and one of the most well known Finnish products ever produced! The Aalto vases come in various colors and sizes.

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Iittala Alvar Aalto Collection New Sea Blue Color


If all else fails, a sure fire way to guarantee that you give the PERFECT gift is by giving a NØRDIK gift card and letting your new homeowners select something that is just right for them and their new place! Even more convenient, they can come into our brick and mortar store or visit us online to ship or pick up their own piece of NØRDIK bliss!

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Happy housewarming gift shopping from your Nordic design friends at NØRDIK! There is a story behind every design at NØRDIK!



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