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teemu järvi

Teemu Järvi is an artist and designer of many awards. He specializes in wilderness themes. Järvi’s art and projects include a wide range of printmaking, book and magazine illustrations as well as product designs and concepts.

The works derive from the artist’s lifelong love of nature. A ceaseless explorer of Finnish woods and lakes, Järvi is familiar with the wildlife through first-hand experience. He works with traditional tools such as the reed pen, creating works of art that transport us from our hectic urban existence to the soothing calm of primeval wilderness.

Teemu Järvi’s craftsmanship is intimate. Like a hunter-gatherer of old, he too has a deep connection with the tools and models he uses. His work focuses on the essential: the amazingly complex and diverse nature, ever diminishing under the stress of our modern life.

His collection includes fine art prints on paper and wood, posters and assorted print products. His illustrations are also used in Lapuan Kankurit forest animals themed linen kitchen towels, aprons, blankets and table runners also available on our website (under textiles and home decor). 

All paper and wood products are printed and manufactured in Finland in an environmentally friendly way and made of materials certified for responsible forestry by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

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