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We believe in responsible and sustainable consumption and production. We have selected brands and designers who believe in those same values. We choose products that are made of natural materials; produced with minimal impact on the environment; and that are safe and healthy for consumers and to those who are part of the manufacturing process. 

A sustainable lifestyle and green economy are possible and do not need to be at odds with our desire to enjoy beautiful, high quality and long lasting products. Our choices will continue to influence manufacturers, distributors and retailers to protect our precious planet!

nordik storeOur commitment to sustainability and social responsibility

We strive to implement sustainability into every facet of our business and personal lives. When possible, and as part of our commitment to sustainability we use shipping and packaging materials that are 100 % recycled, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. For example, we use 100 % recycled flap & seal bags that are recyclable to protect the textiles during shipping. When possible, we minimize use of plastic bubble wrap and use recyclable, biodegradable and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) - certified GreenWrap to protect your packages. Our shipping boxes are 100 % recycled and recyclable sourced from a manufacturer who is committed to clean energy and sustainability. We use 100 % recycled, biodegradable and recyclable tissue paper to pack your items with love! And our poly mailers are 100% recycled as well and they can also be recycled and reused! We repurpose shipping materials and mailers whenever possible. 

Our printed materials, such as labels, cards and stickers have been printed using recycled or tree-free materials and plant-based inks. 

We partner and work with industry certified, like-minded companies to source our supplies and services including transportation and shipping. Our shipping and packaging materials are made in the USA. 

We also participate in the UPS Carbon Neutral program to offset the emissions produced by shipment of packages as part of our commitment to sustainability efforts. Our joint contributions support various projects to reduce the impact of climate change. 

A few of our items that ship directly from the brand warehouses also use eco-friendly shipping materials such as recycled shipping boxes and biodegradable peanuts.

Here are some additional points to demonstrate our commitment to act green! 

  • We use very little printing or copying and use electronic distribution to avoid unnecessary document printing and have our printer/scanner/copier defaults to two-sided.
  • We use email marketing instead of printed and mailed product catalogues
  • We have opted for paperless statements, invoices, look books and catalogues.
  • Our marketing materials do not require envelops and are printed on biodegradable tree/less paper free of bleach and dyes (100% sugarcane fiber) using plant-based non-toxic inks.
  • Our shopping bags are 100% recycled, reusable and recyclable.
  • We use refillable water bottles and containers to avoid plastic bottle use and use reusable utensils and glass containers for lunch at work etc.
  • We recycle everything that is recyclable
  • We buy recycled office copy paper
  • Our business cards on 100% recycled stock
  • We purchase and use safer eco-friendly cleaning products for cleaning, including biodegradable trash bags.
  • We purchase materials and services from eco-friendly "green" suppliers and vendors, locally when possible and available.
  • We embrace environmentally friendly technologies for heating and cooling system and we use energy efficient equipment and LED lights.
  • We have collaborated with local non-profits and government organizations to increase awareness through public events.

As we continue to evolve and grow as a small business we intend to do even more and encourage others to do the same. As the demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable materials increases we hope that the prices for eco-friendly materials will be more affordable too.