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We take pride in carefully curated product selection and honor the craftsmanship of the selected brands and designs. 

We believe in quality over quantity. Our products are carefully curated to honor the craftsmanship of the selected brands and designs. The products we offer are smartly designed, durable and timeless. They are meant to last a lifetime, ideally passed onto the next generation - never to be thrown away. We are dedicated to providing exceptional quality and outstanding customer service on our Scandinavian design store. 

We also believe in responsible and sustainable consumption and production. We have selected brands and designers who believe in those same values. We choose products that are made of natural materials; produced with minimal impact on the environment, and that are safe and healthy for the consumers and to those who are part of the manufacturing process. For example, Lapuan Kankurit products are made of environmentally friendly linen and traceable materials and are in line with sustainable and responsible design and production principles. Iittala is famous for their timeless iconic designs. They believe that "quality never goes out of fashion". Some of their items have been around for more than 80 years and continue to bring joy! 

A sustainable lifestyle and a green economy are possible and do not need to be at odds with our desire to enjoy beautiful, high quality and long-lasting products. Our choices will continue to influence manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to protect our precious planet. 

We strive to implement sustainability into every facet of our business and personal lives. As part of our commitment, we use shipping and packaging materials that are recycled, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. Our printed materials have been printed using recycled or tree-free materials and plant-based inks. We repurpose shipping boxes whenever possible. We partner and work with industry certified, like-minded companies to source our supplies and services including transportation and shipping. 

NØRDIK has been a long time in the making. Life is a journey - it truly is! We are excited to start this new chapter in our lives after intense careers serving and helping others in need around the world! Influenced by our core values and previous experiences, we have a strong desire to encourage others to live responsibly, keep it simple, do what's right and respect our planet with our Scandinavian design store.

We continue to give back through donations to non-profits and fundraisers. We also provide small "care packages" to local homeless and veterans in need and donate to local food banks. As our company grows, we intend to increase our support to those in need commensurately!

We stand behind our products and use them in our home every day! Some of them have traveled and survived multiple international moves with us over the past 15 years. Talk about durability! We hope you like the products we offer as much as we do and that you enjoy them for a long time! If you choose to purchase them as a gift for your friends and family, they will be remembered for a lifetime!

There is a story behind every design - what's yours?


• Founded in July 2018 by former humanitarian worker Annika Caldwell.

• Offers a carefully curated collection of sustainable Scandinavian design, including home decor, textiles, tableware, accessories and gifts.

• Our slogan is that there is a story behind every design at NØRDIK, because there really is. Read our blog to learn more about our brands and designers, and get inspired!


Kate C.

"Great customer service and very welcoming! Really enjoyed the shop!"

Marshall C.

"This store fills a niche of well designed high quality products that you don't find in the Reno area."

Margaret S.

"Annika is wonderful and the store has so many beautiful pieces."


"The owner was very helpful and friendly. I’m glad I stopped in today."


"Everything was wonderful. Especially like the customer service and the selection of unusual items."

M Hermann

"Annika was friendly, gracious, and helpful. Her store is beautiful and we have a new found appreciation for Finnish design."


"Definitely the BEST! Thank you!"

Kathryn S.

"Beautiful store. Such thoughtful product selection. Reno has needed your store forever! I can’t wait to come back!"

Kris W.

"Love this store! Beautiful, unique, quality items, and the owner loves to tell you the story: who the artist is, how it is made... Christmas: solved!"

Ann M.

"Fabulous collection of work from Scandinavian artists, craftsmen, and even cartoonists, all to enrich your home and your life. Love it! Thanks"

Megan O.

"Gorgeous! Everything in Nørdik is stunning in both design and unique story. And with the pairing of such an environmentally conscious owner and beautiful and sustainable products you really can't go wrong. Wonderful place to pick up a gift for anyone - or even just yourself!"

Deborah H.

"I am an online customer who recently ordered the Oak poster frames by Teemu Jarvi. I will use the frames to hold colorful dishtowels as wall art. This store has great customer service and are very responsive to their customers. Shipping was speedy. I love Nordic design and am so pleased this store is one of my favorites."