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  • Lapuan Kankurit SAIMAANNORPPA Collection (Saimaa Ringed Seal)

    Give the Endangered Ringed Seal your...

    New collection alert! The beautifully designed SAIMAANNORPPA collection by Lapuan Kankurit supports the fundraising efforts of the Finnish association for nature conservation (Suomen Luonnonsuojeluliitto) to protect the endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal, an...

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    Annika, NØRDIK's owner, grew up wearing Marimekko to school as a young girl. She remembers how exciting it was to select classic Marimekko clothing designs and pencil pouches for her...

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    Marimekko Mugs & Tea Pot
  • Housewarming Gifts and Gift Ideas for New Home Owners

    8 Modern Housewarming Gift Ideas for...

    NØRDIK is here to eliminate the stress and pressure of finding the perfect gift for your "mover" by bringing you Nordic housewarming gift ideas to put your mind at ease!

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  • We are celebrating our FIRST YEAR…...

    As we approach the end of our first year, our thoughts and appreciation turn to you, our loyal customers, for allowing us to become a part of your lives and...

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    nordik anniversary
  • wedding gift ideas lovi tree

    15 Unique & Sustainable Wedding Gift...

    Shopping for the best wedding gift? NØRDIK has rounded up unique and sustainable wedding gift ideas for every budget. These timeless design gifts will last for a lifetime!

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