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7 Meaningful Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Written by Annika Caldwell


Posted on February 01 2023

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. There is always so much pressure to find the perfect gift to show our love and affection to that special person in our life. We have some fresh ideas for unique gifts that your Valentine will cherish beyond Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day in Scandinavia and Nordic Countries: a Special Day for Friends too

Before we reveal our handpicked list we wanted to share some fun facts about how Valentine's Day is celebrated in Nordic countries.


Ystävänpäivä is the Finnish name for St. Valentine's Day. It literally means "Friend's Day" and the focus is on celebrating friendship. On this day small gifts and cards are given to your friends, well, pretty much to everyone. So, if you are single, Finland is your place to be on the 14th of February as you don't need a romantic partner to celebrate it with. In Finland you get to spread the love to all your friends, family and loved ones!


In Sweden too, Valentine's Day is bit more of a family affair than it is to shower your special sweet heart with chocolates, teddy bears and flowers. Valentine's Day in Sweden is called Alla Hjärtans Dag and it literally translates into "All Hearts Day". How sweet is that to have a day to show your love and appreciation of another beyond romantic partners! Swedish couples do celebrate Valentine's Day over nice meals, live music, lots of roses and they also exchange small gifts.


Snowdrops and gaekkebrev are part of Valentine's Day traditions in Denmark. White flowers (snowdrops) are given to sweethearts and friends as well. Gaekkebrev is a romantic poem or love note signed with dots making the recipients guess who it is from!


Valentine's Day in Iceland is a pretty simple affair and not really celebrated there. Iceland's way of celebrating love is done on Konudagur ("Woman's Day") and Bóndadagur ("Husband's Day"). These two days are linked to the old Norse calendar and this year Konudagur (always on a Sunday) is celebrated on the 18th of February and Bóndadagur (always on a Friday) takes place somewhere from the 19th till the 25th of January. During these two days spouses pamper each other!


Like in Sweden, Valentine's Day in Norway is alle hjerters dag to show feelings of love, affection and friendship. In recent years it has turned into a celebration of love and romance like it is in the English speaking cultures. It includes gifts, love letters and cards. But according to a survey done in 2015, over 70% of the respondents felt "Valentine's Day" was not that important. So, if you "forgot" the Valentine's Day, you are not alone!

So, What to Get Your Loved Ones on Valentine's Day?

Here are our picks and why we think they make a great Valentine's, Ystävänpäivä, Alla Hjärtans Dag, Konudagur, Bóndadagur gift:

1. Coffee for two 

Share this special limited edition Marimekko LOKKI PERGOLA mug set with someone who brings joy into your life! Gift the set to a friend or loved one... or keep one for yourself so you and your dearest can have a daily reminder of how grateful you are to have them! These timeless mugs feature a reinterpretation of two classic designs by Maija Isola! 

Marimekko LOKKI PERGOLA mug set
Shop Marimekko here 

2. For your favorite nature enthusiast  

 Show your love through art! Teemu Järvi Illustrations has a beautiful selection of nature-inspired art prints that will make a thoughtful gift for any taste. Take it a step further and curate a gallery wall as a surprise for a loved one; featuring a variety of prints!

Teemu Järvi art wall
Find the perfect Teemu Järvi print here 

Among the featured prints in this gallery wall example are the Conifer art card set and the Adventurous Fox print. Pair different sized prints and play with spacing to make the perfect of a kind art wall - the combinations are endless!

3. For the plant lovers 

Marimekko’s new ELOKUUN VARJOT (“August Shadows” in Finnish) collection has arrived just in time to make the perfect gift for your Valentine! This hanging planter makes the perfect gift for all of the garden enthusiasts in your life. The ELOKUUN VARJOT collection was designed by Maija Louekari, and is inspired by the wildness of the designer’s home garden. Fill the planter with some fresh herb plants or a vining plant for a gift that will instantly bring joy to the recipient’s day!

Marimekko ELOKUUN VARJOT hanging planter
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4. A floral arrangement that lasts 

Kauniste’s playful floral prints make a great gift for your fun and color-loving friends. Support young Scandinavian designers and pick out a couple pairs of Kauniste socks in designs such as the SOKERI or ORVOKKI, or a sustainable linen/cotton FLORA tote bag!

Kauniste FLORA tote bag
Kauniste FLORA tote bag 

Kauniste ORVOKKI socks Kauniste ORVOKKI socks 

5. Add a Little "Sisu" to Your Valentine's Day

In classic Finnish culture, the ram or “pässi” symbolizes Finnish grit, or “sisu”. Kaija Aarikka captures the perseverance of the ram through her joyful and stylish collection of “Pässi” sculptures. The PIKKUPÄSSI is a valued gift, and its unique design remains timeless decade after decade. These wooden rams are hand-crafted from natural materials in Finland. Eco-friendliness and sustainability are of the utmost importance to Aarikka. Sometimes we all need to add a little “Sisu” to our relationships! Maybe Aarikka’s “Pässi” is just what you need this Valentine's Day?

Aarikka PÄSSI Shop Aarikka here 

6. You have my heart 

Lovi's “Heart” is made from Finnish birchwood and we love the fact that all Lovi designs are eco-friendly and the materials are certified by the Program for the Endorsement of the Forest Certification (PEFC) to ensure that all of us can enjoy the environmental, social and economic benefits that forests offer. Since 2009 Lovi has planted over 115,000 trees. You can feel good about these little hearts! You can also easily mail these hearts as they come in a letter-like-package ready to mail. Give your heart away today!

Lovi Finland 3D heart pink

 Find your hearts from Lovi here

7. Get (sustainably) cozy

The multifunctional VILLIYRTIT (“wild herbs” in Finnish) throw/tablecloth is the perfect gift for someone who loves to snuggle up on the couch in any season! This beautifully designed throw is made of 100% traceable European linen- making it a sustainable gift that will last through many Valentine’s Days together!

Lapuan Kankurit VILLIYRTIT tablecloth/throw
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There is a Story Behind Every Design at NØRDIK!

Tell us how you plan to celebrate Valentine's Day with your friends and loved ones.

Happy Valentine's Day and Friend's Day from NØRDIK!



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