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Iittala Classics in Ultramarine Blue and Copper

Written by Annika Caldwell


Posted on February 25 2023

As promised, we are excited to introduce more new Iittala Spring 2023 pieces in the beautiful ultramarine blue to brighten your own home or send them as a thoughtful gift!

The deep, uncompromising blue of ultramarine was last available in 2017 and draws its inspiration from Finnish nature. The ultramarine color echoes the deep blue of the sky and clear lakes. It radiates energy and clarity!  

Popular copper color has re-appeared as well as a part of many Iittala collections. As an 2022 - 2023 annual color, its vivacious warmth will be even more present. An on-trend choice that complements the soft, neutral tones of contemporary décor, it reflects light beautifully and blends seamlessly to most interiors. 

This year additional Iittala classics have been produced and introduced in the vibrant ultramarine to complement the other 2022-2023 annual color in rich earthy copper color.  

Iittala Kartio Collection and Aalto Collection in ultramarine blue and copper

Kaj Franck's iconic KARTIO collection is a true symbol of Nordic design. Geometric by design, the Kartio collection in gem-like ultramarine blue adds a beautiful pop of color to any table! The Kartio collection is mouth-blown and hand-crafted at the Iittala Glass Factory in Finland.

Iittala Kastehelmi in Ultramarine Blue with Iittala Tundra Collection

KASTEHELMI means "dewdrop" in Finnish and you can feel the morning dew in the raised drops on designer Oiva Toikka's iconic 1964 collection. Made in the Iittala Glass Factory Finland, Kastehelmi colors and pieces are beautiful on their own or paired with other colors and Iittala collections, such as the new TUNRDA (1970) collection by professor Toikka.

Iittala Aino Aalto Collection in Ultramarine Blue and Clear

Inspired by ripples in the water, the AINO AALTO collection has been a beloved classic since it was introduced in 1932. As Iittala's oldest pressed drinkware collection, this timeless collection features simple, stackable pieces. The Aino Aalto tumblers are now available in a rich, gem-like ultramarine blue - made in Finland.

 Iittala 10.5"Aalto vase in copper with Iittala Kartio tumbler in ultramarine blue

The 2022-2023 annual colors were chosen from Iittala’s unique and extensive color library that encompasses approximately two hundred different glass hues. Unique in the world, Iittala's mastery of pigments results in glass products of the utmost quality.

Ranging from light to medium to intense, Iittala's palette and their ability to create monochromatic tones is rare. It takes a deep understanding of glass and a willingness to experiment to reach the best results. Iittala's color experts and glassblowers work with specialists and color professionals to make the impossible possible!

Iittala Kartio Pitcher in Ultramarine Blue with Iittala Teema tableware in vintage blue

You can explore our extensive Iittala Collection in 2022-2023 annual colors HERE!

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