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New Iittala 2023 Spring Collections

Written by Annika Caldwell


Posted on February 21 2023

Iittala Spring 2023 Tundra and Aalto Collections

Every season we expand our assortment with an array of new designs, colors, shapes and styles! We have curated beautiful interior decor objects that create impact in any room and elegant tableware essentials that add instant atmosphere! This season we introduce many new Iittla additions to our collections, an exciting new collection launch, a relaunch of a beloved favorite, and much more. Whether you’re looking for unique ways to brighten your own home or a thoughtful gift, there’s always something new waiting to be discovered! Stay tuned as we introduce new exciting Iittala pieces in the coming weeks!

Iittala TUNDRA (1970) Collection

Iittala TUNDRA Collection 

Designed by Oiva Toikka in 1970, TUNDRA is a delicate and nostalgic glass collection inspired by Arctic tundras. The delicate structure feels good to touch, yet also features multiple unique small designs that create an interesting ensemble. 

 Iittala TUNDRA (1970) Collection Clear Tumbler

Classics Reborn 

In 1936 Alvar Aalto shaped groundbreaking forms of glass, later known as Iittala’s Alvar Aalto Collection. This is where timeless design began for Iittala! Versatile, always in season and made to last from generation to generation.

2023 marks 125 years since the legendary architect and designer Alvar Aalto was born. A new collection of Alvar Aalto vases is now available to honor the legacy of Alvar Aalto's work, including the "1937 clear" color vase in light green shade.

Iittala Alvar Aalto 1937 Clear Vase

Did you know that it can take years for Iittala to produce a new glass colors because of the heavy testing that goes into making it? With over a thousand color recipes and an extensive color palette, Iittala's mastery of pigments and colors is truly unique in the world!

Iittala Alvar Aalto 1937 Clear Vase with a Single Flower

In 1936, when the AALTO vases were first designed, the sand used to make glass wasn't as pure as the sand used today. That's why one of the original colors used for AALTO vases had a light green shade, a color which today is referred to as "1937 clear".

Iittala 2023 Collection of 7" Alvar Aalto Vases in Rio Brown, Clear, White and Smoky Grey

The 7" shape is an original shape from the 1930s. The new size is smaller than the original, making it ideal for just one flower, stem, branch or a small bouquet. The 7" vase is available in beautiful four colors: clear, smoky grey, rio brown and soft white.

Iittala Alvar Aalto Vases with simple flower bouquets

As an authorized Iittala retailer we are pleased to offer the Iittala Spring 2023 novelties and iconic Scandinavian design classics made in Finland! You can explore our extensive Iittala Collection HERE!

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