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6 Finnish Design Gifts and Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Written by Annika Caldwell


Posted on June 06 2022

Father's Day is around the corner! Before we share our very special gift suggestions, here are some fun details about fatherhood in Scandinavia – and how (and when) fathers and all the father figures get pampered in Nordic countries!

Father's Day in Scandinavia and Nordic Countries

Father's Day traditions for dads are very similar in all five countries. Fathers share parental responsibilities equally and get seriously pampered there! It's daddy time every day not just on Father's Day in Scandinavia and Nordic countries! The new kind of "manly norm" is: "Nordic men can have it all – a successful career and being a responsible daddy". Oh how the traditional roles have reversed!

Swedish Dads Project by photographer Johan BävmanSwedish Dads Project by photographer Johan Bävman


In Finland, Father's Day ("isänpäivä" in Finnish) is celebrated on the second Sunday of November. Just like Mother's Day, Father's Day has a status of an official flag day in Finland and Finnish flags are hoisted up to recognize fathers and parenthood as an equal joy and responsibility. According to a study done by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Finland has now become the first country in the world where fathers spend a few minutes more in a day with their school-age children than mothers!

On Father's Day, special and meaningful gifts are selected for dads along with cards and handwritten notes showing appreciation are included with the gifts. Homemade pastries and shortcakes are also made and served to treat dads, in addition to a special breakfast or brunch shared with the family. Many restaurants also serve special Father's Day buffet lunch.

A finnish dad cheers his daughter on the sports field
A dad cheers his daughter on the sports field in Helsinki, Finland / photo: Jussi Eskola


The tradition of "Fars Dag" started around 1930's in Sweden, and is also celebrated on the second Sunday of November. Father's in Sweden are pampered in a very similar way to Finland. Dads are treated with breakfast in bed, with cake (usually with whipped cream and strawberries), and drawings, cards and gifts from their children.

Swedish dads also spend a lot of time with their kids at home thanks to the very generous parental leave available to them! Approximately 85% of Swedish fathers take parental leave and working parents in Sweden are entitled to 480 days of parental leave. Swedish dads are becoming known as "latte dads" or "latte pappas" hanging out with their toddlers in cafes and play parks!



Denmark celebrates Father's Day on the 5th of June, coinciding with their Constitution Day, which is a public holiday. So, in Denmark dads get a day off to spend it pampered by the family! The entire family can also join the festivities, which include casual picnics and time outdoors.

Father's in Denmark are very hands-on and usually leave work early to pick up their kids pushing prams in business suits! Also in Denmark parents can split their parental leave between both mothers and fathers.

Swedish Dads Project by photographer Johan Bävman
Swedish Dads Project by photographer Johan Bävman


Father's in Iceland are sure to be spoiled on "Feðradagurinn" day too! (Father's Day in Icelandic)!

"Since Iceland introduced nine months parental leave with three months earmarked for fathers, their participation in childcare has changed radically – in a good way. Mothers return to work earlier, and get back to working ordinary hours faster. Daddy leave has been the main driver in this development." The new legislation works, says researcher Ingólfur V. Gíslason, Associate Professor at the University of Iceland.

Further, World Health Organizations's (WHO) research states "Icelandic daddies enjoy the strongest position as fathers in the world. The organization asked children how easy is it for them to go to their father with a problem compared to earlier generations, today’s Icelandic children answered to a much larger degree that it is “easy to discuss problems with daddy." But not to worry, Icelandic mothers have always enjoyed a strong position! The fathers’ improved position has not impacted mothers negatively!

iceland dad swimming with a kid
Photo: Callie Lipkin


Norwegians celebrate "Farsdag" with fun activities together with the family and food, gifts and cards play an important part of the day too. In Norway, fathers also get time off after the birth of a new baby. A minimum of 3 months of paid leave ("fedrekvote/pappapermisjon") is provided allowing fathers to bond and spend time with their newborns.

Swedish Dads Project by photographer Johan Bävman
Swedish Dads Project by photographer Johan Bävman

Here's to all dads! Here's what we have chosen as 6 special gifts to celebrate all the amazing dads around the world:

1. Quintessential Nordic father figure: Moominpappa!

Moominpappa is "boyish and adventurous" but proud to be the head of the family and always ready to anything for his family! 

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Ps. Gift it together with fun Moominpappa 3D puzzle by Lovi!

moominpappa moomin mug fathers day gift ideas

 2. For the father who loves outdoors 

The Teemu Järvi pocket knifes, produced in collaboration with the renown Swiss Army Knives maker, Victorinox, make a perfect gift for the dads who love the outdoors adventures. Choose from different styles and combination of features! 

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teemu järvi knife fathers day gift ideas

2. Ultimate glassware for the whisky connoisseur 

When its time to kick back and wind down after a hard day of “daddying”, spill a little whiskey into these manly yet stylish glasses designed by Tapio Wirkkala – truly a man’s man.  These glasses are stylish yet masculine and the larger size fits nicely in the hand and offers plenty of room for that treasured golden liquid!

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iittala ultima thule glasses pitcher set

4. Something for the office walls

Help daddy decorate his work place with wilderness art from the Finnish artist and designer Teemu Järvi!

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 Teemu Järvi RAVEN art print

5. For dad who likes beer

Every dad loves a beer now and then.  Kick your beer time up a notch and transfer it from that dirty bottle or can into these beautiful lead-free hand blown crystal beer glasses.  These are glasses with a simple, clean design that feel good in your hand and look classy with your table settings.

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iittala essence beer glasses fathers day gift

6. For dads who like to cook

Nothing can be manlier than tools - except maybe cooking tools!? Give your father a set of this beautifully crafted cookware from the Iittala Tools Collection. These stainless pieces are visually pleasing and offer high quality design features including tight fitting lids, measuring marks and notches to allow steam to escape. The unique manufacturing technique placing aluminum between layers of stainless steel helps to provide more equal heat distribution.

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iittala tools cooking collection fathers day gift

Happy Father's Day, Isänpäivää, Farsdag, Gattis till alla pappor, Feðradagurinn, Fars Dag to all fathers and father figures from NØRDIK! 

Tell us how you are planning to celebrate Father's Day this year!



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