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One of the more recent Scandinavian design brands is Kauniste (meaning to decorate or beautify) providing beautiful textile products for the home.  Opened in Helsinki, Finland in 2009, Kauniste teamed up with young artists to turn their art prints into beautiful and lasting textiles for use in the kitchen, primarily in the form of kitchen towels.  Although kitchen towels are their mainstay, Kauniste has grown and now offers creative designs in blankets, towels, totes and pillow covers.

New Kauniste wool creations are made from Merino.  Merino is unique in that it has a natural protective layer on the outside to make stains difficult to penetrate and attracts less dust than other wools.  Merino is also very light and soft, not harsh and itchy like traditional wools.

In keeping with traditional Scandinavian design principles, Kauniste emphasizes high-quality manufacturing and natural, sustainable materials.  Their linen and cotton products are spun in Europe and as with any pure linen products; they get softer with everyday use. Their fabric production methods meet the Oeko-tex standards and contain no harmful chemical residues.

Although Kauniste products are manufactured using proven traditional methods, they have found a way to combine that with fresh colors and design ideas to ensure that their products are not trendy but timeless, to keep bringing joy to your home, season after season!

Kauniste loves collaborating with other designers around the world and has contributed its expertise to many products and companies including, but not limited to Birch Veneer serving trays with Metsa Serla; kitchen linen projects with SAGA baking papers; summer shoe project with the Korean company SKONO and a satin scarf collection with the Japanese Quarter Report.

Kauniste product lines include mugs, kitchen towels, pillow covers, paper goods, wool blankets, fabric, tote bags, aprons, birch trays, zipper-pouches and accessories for iPhones. Some of the popular design patterns include: metsa, mokkila, orvokki, kuma, potpourri, laululinnut, and sunnuntai. Kauniste designers are: Marika Maijala; Matti Pikkujämsä; Miroco Machiko; Hannele Äijälä; Hanna Konola; Bjorn Rune lie and Antti Kalevi

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