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lapuan kankurit

Lapuan Kankurit is a family owned and run textile business dating back to 1917 whose core principles include sustainable development, environmentally friendly production processes and the use of natural materials.  Lapuan Kankurit prides itself on creating a family-like work environment and maintaining close personal relationships with each and every employee who are skilled professionals in yard dyeing, designers and machinists.

Their production model is all about creating multifunctional items that can be used for a variety of purposes around the home.  They believe that high quality products not only make their consumers happy but also allow them to leave an inheritance for future generations, products that are meant to last a lifetime.  Not only are their textiles aesthetically pleasing and durable but the materials used in production are traceable, instilling confidence that your purchase protects and respects the valuable resources of our planet.

The Lapuan Kankurit weaving mill is located Lapua, Finland in the Ostrobothnian fields, a Western Region in Finland.  Only natural raw materials are used in Lapuan Kankurit products and are limited to linen, tencel, cotton, wool and mohair, incorporating every stage of textile and blanket creation from thread to finished product.  Using a process called Jacquard weaving, they are able to produce complex, woven-in designs with repeats or even tapestry effects creating the beautiful designs offered in our store.  The phases of weaving are intricate and consist of development and design, material purchasing, spinning, dyeing, designing bindings, programming the Jacquard machines made by German Dornier and Swiss Staubli, warping, preparing, weaving, finishing, drying, inspection, sewing, washing ironing and packing.

Lapuan Kankurit maintains a strong relationship with its designers building on the artistry and ingenuity of founding designers such as Dora Jung.  Contemporary designers at Lapuan Kankurit include: Anna Savolainen, Anu Leinonen, Aoi Yoshizawa, Eini knuutinen, Essi Vuontisjarvi, Heini Riitahuhta, Heta Vajavaara, Laura Laivamaa, Makoto Kagoshima, Marja Rautianen, Masaru Suzuki, Matti Pikkujamsa, Mervi Sachse, Mifuko, Minttu Wikberg, Young Designer of the Year - Reeta Ek, Sari Myohanen, Suvi Kankkonen, Teemu Jarvi and Terese Bast.

Tabletop products from Lapuan Kankurit include tablerunners, placemats, tea and kitchen towels, aprons and kitchen gloves. Series for these products include: Eskimo, Salka, Zinnia, Kukat, Verso, Koivu, Ruut, Viiva, Aava, Timantti, Katajanmarja, Misteli, Colombina, Kehra, Ruusunen, Meru, Liisa, Usva, Kaarna, Kielo, Anemone, Ruusua, Teemu Jarvi, Iida, Sadekuuro, Maija, Lumipallo, Lastu, Mono, Vinterstuda, Sommarstuga, Kesametsa, Kala, Fisut, Mehilaispesa, Kuusi, Tyyppi, Poro, My Finland, Kasti, Panama and Hirvi.

Additional series for spa and sauna include: Aallonmurtaja, Tsavo, Uitto, Kivi, Pare, Paanu, Taikametsa, Viilu, Twisti, Terva, Onni, Meri, Sade, Lastu, Aallonmurtaja, Tulitikku, Naisten Sauna and Hila. Coverings for the home series offer: Alva, Kuura, Corona Uni, Saaga Uni, Keto, Mesi, Valkko, Maria, Duo, Sumu, Pollo, Koirapuisto, Viima, Taivaltajat, Aino, Kehra, Pakapaat, Koira ja kissa, Taivaanvalkeat, Kili, Seita, Triano, Lammas, Katti, Pyry, Heta, Halaus and Palttina.

Through its excellence in manufacture and responsible production methods, Lapuan Kankurit was awarded the Taito Finlandia prize in 2014 for skilled craftsmanship and the Key Flag symbol of the Association for Finnish Work. Visit our store to learn more about the products we offer such as Lapuan Kankurit blankets and other textiles.