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Nordic Design Trends this Spring and Summer 2020

Written by Annika Caldwell


Posted on May 04 2020

What makes you happy? We hope many things, including good design! We at NØRDIK love our family, friends, nature, good food (oh yeah!), doing right by others and of course, Nordic design! We would not be here if we didn't feel good design can be nurturing particularly now that we spend more time in our homes during these precedented times such as the current corona virus pandemic challenging our lives this year.

Lapuan Kankurit AAMOS throw and cushion cover

We love that sustainable, eco-friendly and zero waste focused design continues to trend this year. When we started NØRDIK, those "trendy" words always drove our focus. Our Nordic design brands have a minimalistic aesthetic and provide simplistic yet functional eco-friendly design inspiration. Innovate design approaches are applied in materials choices and to production methods aiming for zero waste, durability and earth friendly products. For example, Lapuan Kankurit weaves their products to exact measurements and turn any leftover materials into "zero-waste products" such as bread bags, laundry bags and wash mittens. They manufacture what is ordered and also donate any leftover fabric to schools to be used for educational purposes. We really appreciated their "Responsibility Manifest 2020" showing their commitment to sustainable design!

Lapuan Kankurit Tulppaani throw blue

This year we continue to see soft minimalistic style featuring different calming shades of earthy warm colors such as beige, linen, washed grey, rose pink and aspen and olive green. Nordic design elements have always included and been inspired by nature and the timeless natural tones are naturally part of the Nordic design style and will never go out of style. Shades of more adventurous colors, such as zesty "Seville" and "cloudberry" orange hues feature in home accents and textiles this year too. Natural materials combined with the trending colors this spring and summer create a calming and soothing atmosphere in your home from morning to night. 

Iittala Alvar Aalto Collection 2020

Nowadays, more than every, our homes are our refuge. A place to rest, recover - warm and inviting - ultimately our home should make us feel good. Scandinavian understated elegance yet functional design can play and important role in stress reduction. A tough of Japanese "what-sabi" accepting imperfection has also become part of Nordic design to create effortless simplicity pleasing all senses. 

Teemu Järvi  Spruce Branch print

Spruce Branch art print from Teemu Järvi Collection

Here are some of our favorites to help you create your own tranquil "Nordic design home". Get inspired and unbox some Nordic joy with our carefully packaged (with love) pieces of Nordic design this spring!

Iconic Iittala Collections in warm linen color

The iconic 1936 Aalto vase flourishes this spring with a new 10.5" silhouette with soft wave design, perfect for bold bouquets and tall flowers.

Iittala Alvar Aalto (1936) 10.5" vase linen

Explore the entire Iittala collection here

Flowers and plants are good for the soul (and visually pleasing)

Power of flowers should never be underestimated! Flowers and plans have an uplifting impact and have always been part of Scandinavian lifestyle. To quote the Finnish design powerhouse Marimekko: "even the wildest flower needs good soil to blossom" - let your home become the soil for Marimekko designs to bloom in!

Marimekko Primavera collection

Discover our Marimekko collection here

Iittala Nappula plant pots with their flowing edges and curved design represents Nordic design language. Designer Matti Klenell created the collection to look beautiful even when not in use! Plan and grow new roots with Iittala!

Iittala Nappula collection

Cozy and high quality home textiles

Textiles play a significant role in Nordic interior design and make any room more comfortable. Even simple, and humble every day items such as a kitchen towel in its organic form. Linen towels are very absorbent (3 times more absorbent than cotton) and light resulting less material used and more resources saved!

Lapuan Kankurit Tulppaani towel

Find our Lapuan Kankurit collection here

Teemu Järvi Otter and pond weed prints

It is our desire to share good and functional Nordic design with you - and the joy if can bring. These is a story behind every design at NØRDIK!



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