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Nordic Design Trends this Fall and Winter 2021

Written by Sienna Shane


Posted on August 14 2021

Greetings from the NØRDIK team! We can’t believe that it is already August! Soon, the light will become more golden, and the trees will begin to prepare for the winter months. Fall is the perfect time to reimagine your home decor for more cozy nights by enjoying a book or cooking your favorite meal. We are so excited to share some of our steadfast favorites and new arrivals available online and in store at NØRDIK!

Darker interiors featuring tinted black and charcoal hues are trending this year and we are all about it! Soft organic tones such as green, brown, and dark blue complement the dramatic charcoal tones, and create a super cozy atmosphere that you will always be happy to come home to.

Timeless earthy browns and warm orange hues add soft texture to a space by absorbing harsh light and shadows. Pastel and bold colors are also proving to be the new trendsetter for scandinavian design. Accents of these new colors paired with iconic Scandinavian designs can help to liven up a space, add depth, and bring happiness into your home everyday!

Marimekko Musta Tamma recycled cotton Blanket

Limited edition 1937 Aalto vase

This limited numbered edition vase designed by Alvar Aalto was brought out of the archives in honor of Iittala’s 140th anniversary. The dramatic grey, moss green, and clear colors emphasize the beautiful organic design of the vase-making it the epitome of functional art. Only 2021 were produced making it an extra special addition to your home!  


Iittala Alvar Aalto 1937 vases

A whimsical cushion cover 

The darling MARIKYLÄ (“Mari Village”)  cushion cover represents everything we love about this year’s trending color scheme! This print designed by Jenni Tuominen offers a glimpse into a playful village where you can pick flowers in a meadow where horses graze and hang out with friends. The warm orange, green, and pastel seafoam hues are complemented by dramatic black and white creating an unexpected and cohesive design.  


Marimekko Marikyla cushion cover

MARIKYLÄ cushion cover from Marimekko 

An effortless vase for your table

The UMPU vase designed by Carina Seth Andersson for Marimekko features soft curved lines and the most beautiful amber or aqua color. This is the perfect medium-sized vase for a kitchen or coffee table!


Marimekko Umpu vase in aqua color

Linen will never go out of style 

Textiles are a super easy way to change the tone of a space with minimal effort. Lapuan Kankurit has sustainably sourced linen, cotton, and wool in a vast array of colors that will easily help your space transition to the fall/winter season. Warm up your kitchen by adding some 100% European linen dish towels in rust, linen, and graphite colors. 


Lapuan Kankurit Mono towel in rust

Create a nature inspired accent wall 

The newly added “Mysterious Bear” print from Teemu Järvi illustrations looks great with any wall color, and is an easy way to incorporate a darker hue to a space without being overpowering. Bring a little bit of the Finnish forest into your home!


Teemu Jarvi Illustrations mysterious bear in black and white

Serve cold weather treats in style

The METSÄ (“Forest”) tray from Kauniste features woodland trees and creatures. This dishwasher safe tray was designed by Bjørn Rune Lie and is made in Sweden from sustainable birch wood!


Kauniste METSÄ trays

Raw wood adds texture

These natural wood candle holders from Aarikka complement any season-making them a great year-round addition to your space. Play with levels by getting a combination of the three sizes offered!


Aarikka wooden candle holders
Aarikka candle holders 


Get playful with warm hues

The KAKSOSET (“twins”)  pattern was originally designed by Maija Isola in 1970 and has been re-released for Marimekko’s 70th anniversary. The rich orange and brown colors in this 70% recycled cotton blanket makes an excellent accent piece and livens up a space with its playful pattern!  


Marimekko kaksoset blanket in orange

Masterfully designed glassware 

The KASTEHEMLI (“dew drop”) design has been a staple of the Iittala family since 1964. Oiva Toikka created the genius design to hide the seam of the glassware. We love both the linen and grey colors for the fall and winter months. 


Iittala Kastehelmi tumbler in linen


We hope you are able to take this time to re-evaluate your space and create a cozy environment for you and your loved ones to enjoy this fall/winter season! 

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