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Nordic Design Trends for Spring and Summer 2021

Written by Sienna Shane


Posted on April 09 2021

Happy Spring from the NØRDIK team! We are so excited to share some new additions now available online and in-store! After a full year of spending more time at home, this spring and summer season is the perfect time to re-evaluate how design within our homes can bring us joy and comfort throughout our daily routine.

table with Lapuan Kankurit linen on it

VILLIYRTIT tablecloth 

While sustainability, minimalist aesthetic, and beautiful timeless features have always been at the forefront of Nordic design, these concepts are even more relevant when many of us are interacting with our home environments more than usual. Building a collection of sustainable pieces that will last a lifetime is a fulfilling experience that awards a deeper connection to your space. 

This year we continue to see more pops of color making their way into designs- inspired by different environments around the world including the vibrant building exteriors of Nordic cities. Vibrant yellows and greens as well as playful oranges and blues inspire optimism and creativity. Accompanying rustic earth tones which compliment the Nordic landscape, bring a calming breath of fresh air to the home.

Textiles inspired by landscape and culture

Linen, a fabric made from flax is an ancient material that has been used for thousands of years. In fact, it is one of the oldest materials in existence! There are many reasons why this coveted textile has stuck around for so long. Linen production is very sustainable and produces a durable product. Linen is actually naturally antibacterial and absorbs more than cotton! We think that it is definitely cool to use a piece of textile history as a part of your everyday routine.

A Finnish favorite for textiles- Lapuan Kankurit, has chosen to, “praise the joy in the little moments of life” in 2021. Six new collections this spring embody the essence of joy through designs inspired by places near and far. 

Picnic scene with Lapuan Kankurit textiles with bowl of raspberries and croissants

WATAMU and LEWA collections

Experience a fusion of Kenyan and Nordic culture with Collections such as WATAMU and LEWA. Designed by Minna and Mari of Mifuko, these textiles draw inspiration from traditional Finnish textiles while incorporating the colors of Kenya. Mifuko is certified by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and uses their platform to empower women in rural communities of Kenya. These colorful textiles can be used within the home or brought along on an outdoor adventure with loved ones! 

three Lapuan Kankurit tea towels hang off of a wooden dowel

Shop WATAMU tea towels from Lapuan Kankurit

Inspired by Harakkasaari (Harakka, “Magpie” and Saari, “island”), an island part of the Helsinki archipelago , the SAARI collection boasts two beautiful gradient designs which depict the vast horizon lines of the sea. You can feel the calming ocean breeze by just looking at one of Aoi Yoshizawa’s nature-inspired textiles!

Lapuan Kankurit SAARI collection inspired by the archipelago of Finland

Shop the SAARI collection 

Celebrate Iittala's 140th anniversary with a special edition color!

Fresh purple hues are popular this year, and are guaranteed to liven up a space. Celebrate Iittala’s 140th anniversary with us by adding a timeless 1936 Aalto vase in the brand new color “amethyst” to your collection. 

two Iittala 140 Anniversary Alvar Aalto vases
Check out what's new from Iittala 

The teapot for everyday use

This forest green and brown stoneware teapot from Marimekko will instantly become an accent piece for any kitchen or coffee table. Sami Ruotsalainen’s timeless design is available in 3 colors at NØRDIK!  Make it an aesthetically pleasing trio by adding the matching table runner and placemats!

Marimekko 70th Anniversary Collection Tiiliskivi teapot in green

Add a TIILISKIVI teapot to your collection!

Handcrafted wood with a pop of color

Aarikka’s mission to bring “Drops of Joy” to people’s lives is represented through this playful cake cutter. Designed by Pualiina Aarikka- the daughter of founder Kaija Aarikka, each handcrafted wooden bead echoes the colors of spring. Aarikka provides employment to a wide range of individuals and allows them the flexibility to work from home or in a social environment.

Aarikka Home Collection Cake cutter in Spring/Summar 2021 pastel colors

Shop the Puisto cake cutter

Own a little piece of the forests of Finland when you bring home a PRINSESSA tea light holder designed by Pauliina Aarikka. This beautiful wood design from Aarikka will definitely add some coziness to any room this spring/summer. Add a pop of color by pairing a neutral tea light holder with a pink or moss green one!

 Aarikka Finland PRINSESSA tealight holder in white

Don't forget to check out all the candle holders Aarikka has to offer!

We love sharing brands that place an emphasis on doing good for people and the environment! Enjoy the fresh spring air, and we hope to see you soon! 

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