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New Beginnings with Marimekko

Written by Sienna Shane


Posted on March 21 2022

Happy New year and welcome to 2022! We look forward to seeing what exciting things this year has in store for us, and can't wait to make some new design memories with you! We are so pleased to share some of the new arrivals from the Marimekko Home Spring 2022 collection that are on their way to NØRDIK! 

ELOKUUN VARJOT Hanging PlanterNew ELOKUUN VARJOT hanging plater 

This collection is all about creating new morning rituals that allow for you to spend some time soaking up the warm morning light while enjoying a cup of coffee to give you the best start to the day. Contemporary takes on iconic classics represent a reawakening after the long winter. The collection includes an array of fresh colors that will brighten your daily routine and bring happiness to your table. Dusty rose and lavender hues compliment sky blues for light and airey tablescapes, while earthy browns and deep greens ground the space-  all while continuing the inspiration story behind each iconic design!

Bring your garden inside

Welcome growth for the new year with the new ELOKUUN VARJOT (“August Shadows” in Finnish) collection designed by Maija Louekari. This beautiful series features classic brown and white stoneware with a fresh botanical design. Maija was inspired by her home garden when creating this design. She is fascinated by how the garden changes throughout the seasons, and the abundant growth that occurs each spring and summer. This collection will surely welcome fresh spring vibes to your kitchen!

ELOKUUN VARJOT collection Shop the ELOKUUN VARJOT collection here 

New morning rituals with a classic design

Our favorite teapot now has a coffee press friend! This beautiful brown stoneware coffee press features the classic 1952 TIILISKIVI (“brick” in Finnish) pattern. This simple yet absolutely timeless design was created by Marimekko’s founder Armi Ratia, and represents the understated beauty of simple things such as a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. The coffee press is dishwasher safe and can make about six cups of coffee…perfect for sharing!

TIILISKIVI coffee press TIILISKIVI coffee press 

Inspired by the sun 

This mug set features two iconic designs by Maija Isola originally released in the 1960s. One mug features the LOKKI pattern and the other features a joining of the LOKKI and PERGOLA patterns. The LOKKI (“seagull” in Finnish) pattern was inspired by the dynamic wave-like shadows that are created when the sun peeks through the curtains on a sunny day. The muted earthy pastel colors featured in this mug set compliment the classic design while allowing it to blend perfectly into a contemporary space. 

LOKI PERGOLA mug set Shop the LOKKI PERGOLA mug set 

Combining decades of design 

The GABRIEL NÄKKI design is a modern combination of two Maija Isola designs from different decades. This new interpretation of classic patterns features large geometric shapes paired with organic stripes. The white stoneware jar and carafe are functional pieces of art that will look great in any setting and make excellent gifts for your design-loving friends!


Iconic design in dreamy pastels

Marimekko’s iconic UNIKKO (‘poppy” in Finnish) design by Maija Isola is making an airy pastel appearance in these two new designs! The UNIKKO RALLI collection features a fusion of two Maija Isola designs including fresh colored stripes inspired by those on a race car. We can’t get enough of this season’s featured colors like the crisp sky blue on the classic UNIKKO mug!


Design idea: give your mug collection some variety by picking up the UNIKKO RALLI in the 8.5 oz size and the complimentary sky blue UNIKKO mug in the 13.5 oz size! You'll always have the perfectly sized mug for whatever you're drinking!

UNIKKO sky blue mug UNIKKO mug in sky blue 

A hardworking bag that will last for years 

The AHKERA (“hardworking” in Finnish) bag feature’s Marimekko’s classic logo printed in black on white. This bag will be your new favorite carry-all and seamlessly works with any outfit or setting from work to the gym! The AHKERA bag is printed on sustainable lightweight unbleached cotton canvas in Helsinki, Finland!

AHKERA bag AHKERA tote bag 

A versatile favorite in a new color

Carina Seth-Andersson’s classic UMPU vase is now available in a beautiful muted yellow color! Carina Seth-Andersson is known for creating unique shapes that honor the simplicity of timeless design. The UMPU vase looks amazing with your favorite bouquet of fresh flowers or just on its own!

Marimekko UMPU vase shop the UMPU vase here 

The creative chef

The PIENI UNIKKO apron is made from 100% cotton and comes in two color combinations, and It will certainly inspire anyone who wears it to become more creative in the kitchen!


As always, we love when you share photos with us, and we can’t wait to see how you incorporate these timeless pieces into your, “new rituals” !

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