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5 Ideas for Nordic Design Inspired Nurseries and Kids Rooms

Written by NØRDIK TEAM


Posted on September 26 2020

Planning for kids and styling their spaces can be a challenge. The aisles of big box stores are filled with plastic toys and bright, sometimes garish, colors that might not give your home the perfect hygge you’re looking for.

You don’t have to compromise on function and style. We pride ourselves in carrying eco-friendly, timeless designs that allow you to personalize your home to create the ultimate oasis, even when it comes to your kids’ rooms.

We’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite decorations for nurseries and kids rooms that are practical, sustainable, AND stylish.

1. LOVI Sealife Creatures

The soft pastels and playful creatures will bring a kid-like spirit into any room, without being an eyesore. The sealife creatures can be used during playtime or purely as decoration.

Lovi Finland JELLYFISH

Plus, all Lovi do-it-yourself designs are made of sustainable, 100% birch plywood and the brand is known for planting more trees than they use, so you can feel good about this eco-friendly choice!  

Lovi Finland SEA TURTLE

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2. Teemu Järvi Prints

Otters, foxes, and bears, oh my! Stick to an ocean theme with an adorable otter print or decorate with woodland animals in a forest theme. 

Teemu Järvi Otter Print in muted grey color


Teemu Järvi’s newest collection is available in soft muted colors that are both cheerful and tasteful. We think the dusty rose and cook blue-grey are a perfect fit for a nursery.


Teemu Järvi Illustrations FOX CUB print soft pink

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3. Ekelund Moomin Blankets

Made with brushed organic cotton, this uber soft Moomin Valley blanket collection is a dream. Ekelund is possibly the world's oldest family textile company specializing in pattern weaving, so you know you can trust their high quality textiles. These blankets are so soft, older kids will enjoy them too.

 Ekelund MOOMIN UMBRELLA Baby Blanket Yellow

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4. Kehvola Prints

Looking for something more colorful? Kehvola’s imaginative prints are like taking a page out of a storybook. Their lighthearted prints feature everything from zoo animals, to cats and dogs, to out-of-this-world aliens and vampires. These make a great baby shower gift too! 

Kehvola SEA CATS and NIGHTLIFE Prints

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5. Be&Liv Lights

The Spirit Animals lamp collection is a clever and fun way to combine functionality, story, and emotion all in one. These light fixtures bring Finnish folklore into a modern home and are sure to bring a smile to your kid’s face.

Be&Liv SPIRIT ANIMAL light Be&Liv Animals lights >>

Just because it's a kid’s room or nursery, doesn’t mean it has to be cheesy. Especially when shopping small, there are plenty of options for creating a kid-friendly space that can be stylish, functional, and even friendly to the planet.

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