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Bjørn Rune LieLiving in Bristol (UK), Norwegian Illustrator Bjørn Rune Lie shares a studio with his good friend Jon McNaught and his pesky cat Margot.

Bjorn trained at University College, Falmouth, completing his studies in 2001. His work has since gone global - appearing on milk cartons, magazine covers, textbooks and album covers. Bjorn also develops his own artwork and book projects. He has produced four books, translated into several languages including "Slapsefjell" (Magikon, 2008), “The Wolf’s Whistle" (Nobrow, 2010) and "To hundre og sekstini dagar", written by Roald Kaldestad. 

Some of his renowned clients include: The New York Times, Lufthansa, Carrefour, Deus Ex Machina, RIBA, The British Library, The New Yorker, Aftenposten K, Rema 1000, TINE, Ruter#, Grønnt Punkt, Markedshøyskolen, Kauniste, Yee Haw Industries, and Nobrow Press.

Bjørn Rune Lie has collaborated with the following brands: Kauniste >

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