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anu leinonenAnu Leinonen focuses her creative design on one of the most calming aspects of daily life – that hot bath or shower at the end of a busy day, wrapping yourself in the warm softness of a luxurious bath towel or robe to wipe away the stresses of the day. Anu works with the relaxed and soft shapes of washed linen. She prefers simplicity and natural materials.

Anu studied at the Lahti Institute of design, Lahti, Finland and started a long career with several Finnish clothing brands. She then took her unique skills to Paris and the “Centre de formation des Modélistes,” designing French clothing collections for a decade.

Anu also has her own collection that was featured at the Paris trade show. Her KASTE pattern was a 2012 Muoto award winner and the TERVA pattern received the 2014 Editor’s Choice award.

Anu Leinonen has collaborated with the following brands: Lapuan Kankurit >

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