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reeta ekFreelance designer Reeta Ek began her journey at the Textile Art and Design department at the Aalto University for Arts, Design and Architecture. During her training she became interested in repeats, patterns and building a surface.

Reeta does most of her sketches by hand; inspired by the surfaces, rhythms and lines in her subconscious. She believes that her best ideas come from things we find in our everyday lives that were not intentional art designs.  For example, her ESKIMO pattern was created when she played with wooden Eskimo (Finnish) ice cream sticks.

Reeta is a prolific designer, creating some of Lapuan Kankurit's most popular design series. A strong believer in giving back and preserving the earth around us, a portion of the designs is donated directly to the “Clean the Baltic Sea” project, founded by the John Nurminen Foundation.

Reeta’s work has been recognized with many awards including the Young Designer of the Year prize for 2017, presented by the Design Forum Finland. In presenting the award, the prize jury commented, “Reeta Ek is a fine example of a professional, creative young designer whose exposure and success in Finland has been based more on strong professional skill than on an efficiently marketed designer brand.”

Reeta Ek has collaborated with the following brands: Lapuan Kankurit >

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