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alvar aalto

Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) is possibly the most world-recognized Finnish master of modern architecture and design.

Receiving his architectural degree from Helsinki Polytechnic in 1921, Aalto began to make his distinct mark in design only a few years later. With his marriage to fellow architect Aino Marsio Aalto, the pair created a lifelong partnership that built an international design legacy. During his prolific career, Aalto designed all things big and small, from major public institutions such as concert halls, museums, universities, and libraries to private homes around the world. Springing from Aalto’s architectural work, was a series of extremely popular furniture and Houseware designs.

Aalto’s unique aesthetic style truly defined Finnish design and helped to introduce it to a wider global audience. Aalto’s work combines a harmonious relationship with nature and a functionalism featured with excellent attention to detail and an ingenious use of materials.

Aalto’s designs debuted on the international stage as early as the 1930s at such venues as New York’s Museum of Modern Art. The 1930 New York World’s Fair was lucky enough to host the premier of Alvar’s “Savoy Vase” which remains an iconic piece still featured by Iittala today. Inspired by Finnish lakes, its wavy design is one of the world’s most famous, timeless and well-known glass objects.  

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