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aino aaltoAino (Marsio) Aalto was a pioneer of Finnish design. Like her husband Alvar, she was born in Finland, and received her architecture degree in 1920 from Helsinki Polytechnic.

In 1924, she joined Alvar’s architecture company and shortly after joined him in a lifelong partnership and, together, they became the most prolific husband/wife team designers in the world. The couple collaborated closely on several projects in addition to their individual design work, leaving their mark on global design. 

Aino is known equally well for her own individual contributions that helped bring modern Finnish design to the international arena. The Milan Triennial, an architectural design exhibition held in Milan, Italy, recognized Aino’s work for Artek in 1936, awarding her the coveted “Gran Prix”, its highest honor. Her “Aalto Glasses”, inspired by the circles formed when rocks hit the water, also won a gold medal at the same Milan Triennials. These timeless and stackable glasses remain one of Iittala’s core products and top sellers over Eighty years later! 

Like her husband, Aino Aalto was also well known for her building designs, interiors, furniture and textiles. 

Aino Aalto has collaborated with the following brands: Iittala >

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