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kaj franck

Known as the “conscience of Finnish design”, Kaj Franck grew up in a time when dining services featured everything from exquisite fine china to plain stoneware dishes. This extreme diversity significantly influenced work throughout his career as he focused on designs in between these polar opposites and profoundly changed the way we view tableware. His serial production methods gave us practical yet affordable dishware. Besides social consciousness, Franck’s desire to “seek the essential” guided his marked career and found him studying basic forms - especially proportions.  

His work as a professor at the Helsinki School of Art and Design gained international acclaim with numerous awards such as Finland’s most prestigious design award - the “Kaj Franck Design Prize”.  Timeless, classic, affordable and functional, Franck’s Teema and Kartio series remain standard household items around the world and are a major part of Kaj Franck’s legacy. 

Kaj Franck has collaborated with the following brands: Iittala >

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