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marimekko designer sanna annukka

Sanna Annukka is a British/Finnish artist and graduate of the University of Brighton where she kindled her passion for printmaking. “I love the organic process of printmaking, I could be making a print and decide that it needed a new layer of color or some additional detail. The work brings unexpected twists and turns - you never quite know how it will end up.’

As a freelance illustrator, she has worked with such clients as Vogue, Island Records, Selfridges and Nordstrom. She has illustrated three classic fairy tale books published by Penguin Random House - The Fir Tree, The Snow Queen, and The Nutcracker

In 2008 Sanna joined Marimekko, designing patterns for interiors and homeware. That same year she was invited by the Finnish Design Museum to create huge textile wall hangings for their exhibition ‘FennoFolk - a collection of new Nordic oddity.’

With her more recent work, Sanna has returned to the organic process she fell in love with in the print studios at Brighton; mixing mono print, screen print and collage. This work explores pattern, symbolic form and old traditions drawn from both her Finnish and British heritage

She also enjoys working in ceramics in a three dimensional articulation of her printed imagery. Her slab built wall is inspired by mid-century Scandinavian ceramics and architectural concrete relief sculpture.

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