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pauliina aarikkaDesigner Pauliina Aarikka of “Aarikka” remembers growing up during the initial years of the company. “My parents founded Aarikka, and it was 5 years old when I was born. There were always works in progress around the house, and heaps of buttons and wooden balls of various colors. To this day I still think the loveliest smell in the world is fresh sawdust.”

Sharing her design methods, Pauliina writes: “I always enjoy my work once I get in the right frame of mind and the ideas start flowing. I can see that appreciation for handicrafts is growing, as is the popularity of natural materials. People are paying more and more attention to an eco-friendly footprint, but they also favor individual solutions and a personal style. All of these trends fit well with Aarikka’s original worldview and ideology.”

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