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marja rautiainen

Marja Rautiainen has been one of Lapuan Kankurit’s keys to success. She received her education at the University for Industrial Arts in Finland – now known as “Aalto University” after famed Finnish designer Alvar Aalto. Her education further influenced her strong professional skills and her passion for Finnish textile traditions.

Marja found a piece of old French fabric and was inspired by its round shapes.  She was moved to bring new life to the older design in a woolen blanket - and the CORONA blanket was born!  Not satisfied with a traditional woolen product, Marja worked to develop a multifunctional blanket that was thin and light but still wonderfully warm and soft. This required extensive planning to weave the material. 

Her ingenuity was rewarded with the MUOTO 2015 award for Finnish design for this old pattern made new again…and better!

Marja Rautiainen has collaborated with the following brands: Lapuan Kankurit >

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