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Introducing “Teemu Järvi”: Award-Winning Finnish Designer Brings Wildlife into Our Homes

Written by Annika Caldwell


Posted on February 18 2019

Reno, Nevada – Sustainable design store NØRDIK introduces new and interesting brands to home decor lovers in Reno. One of these brands is up and coming designer “Teemu Järvi” from Finland, who captures the beauty of nature, animals, birds and the environment in his wildlife themed artwork.

Nature themed art that speaks to many – across the world

Given the distance between Finland and the United States, it is surprising how relevant the wilderness themed artwork of award-winning artist and designer Teemu Järvi’s is in Reno.

“Reno is surrounded by the beauty of nature – forests, lakes and the wildlife. Exploring its diversity has an important place in our daily life”, says Annika Caldwell, a former humanitarian worker and founder of the sustainable design store NØRDIK. “As my customers describe, Teemu Järvi has a talented way of capturing the natural movement of animals that speaks to many. Using traditional tools like reed pens, he creates illustrations that truly bring the wilderness and wildlife into our homes. This is probably why so many people love his art, even hanging it in their kid’s rooms!"

Her love of nature and the method used to make the products contributed to Caldwell’s decision to contact Teemu Järvi after seeing his artwork during the Helsinki Design Week. This conversation resulted in NØRDIK adding his paper and wood prints in their store’s selection in Reno.

teemu järvi artist designer finland

Advocate of sustainable lifestyle and a green economy

Building on their values, NØRDIK store offers a wide range of home decor products that are made of natural materials; produced with minimal impact on the environment, and that are safe and healthy for consumers and to manufacturers. They also proudly share these design stories with their customers.

“Our slogan is there is a story behind every design at NØRDIK”, because there really is!” Annika explains. “For example, all Teemu Järvi products are printed and manufactured in Finland in an environmentally friendly way and made of materials certified for responsible forestry by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)“

Discover the Teemu Järvi collection including fine art prints on paper and wood at NØRDIK Store: 50 S Virginia ST, Ste 18, Reno, Nevada 89501.


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