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New Arrivals from Teemu Järvi Illustrations

Written by Annika Caldwell


Posted on October 07 2019


designer and artist teemu järvi


"I want to bring the feel of the forest to your home, I want my illustrations to calm you down and to make you feel good. I think the nature has such a great power to enhance wellbeing, and I hope that my illustrations will encourage people to experience that" - Teemu Järvi


teemu järvi black trumpet mushroom art card


Teemu Järvi Art Cards are an inexpensive and easy way to make a lovely interior decor statement! The subtle grey, white and black tones blend in and work with any interior decor and style. Perfect for the kitchen too!


Teemu Järvi CHANTARELLE MUSHROOM Art Card (5.8" x 8.3")


All the Teemu Järvi products are printed and made in Finland using high-quality sustainable and eco-friendly FSC certified materials. What does the FSC mean? Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification ensures that the materials used for products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.🌿


Finnish Designer and Artist Teemu Järvi


"I collect the reed myself from lakes in Finland, so even my tools are handcrafted. That fascinates me a lot – drawing nature using nature. It’s natural, organic and timeless" - Teemu Järvi

Teemu Järvi BIRCH BRANCH print (12"x 20")

BIRCH BRANCH PRINT - Artist's Notes:

"Just like some people, Birch is fragile-looking but strong inside. In Lapland you can see birch trees on top of arctic hills where no other trees survive; they tolerate wind, snow and extreme weather. I love the Birch scent, it is sweet, sharp and very fresh - medicine for the mind" - Teemu Järvi 

Teemu Järvi PINE CONE print (12"x 16")

PINE CONE PRINT - Artist's Notes:

"To me the Pine Cone is a small symbol of forest. It carries the positive feelings of being in the forest, the peace and the tranquility you experience there. Pine cones are exciting as they come in so many shapes and sizes depending on the tree. I’m a bit of a collector..." - Teemu Järvi

teemu järvi reel pens

"Drawing with a reed pen and ink is a very traditional method, and it is difficult to control. When you draw with reed pen and ink you never know exactly what you will get, there is an element of surprise. The end result looks organic, like nature itself" - Teemu Järvi


Teemu Järvi PINE TREE print (20"x 20")


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