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MARIMEKKO: 70 Years of The Art of Printmaking

Written by Annika Caldwell


Posted on May 29 2021


We are excited to celebrate Marimekko's 70th Anniversary this year! Founded in 1951 by Armia Ratia, Marimekko is a Finnish lifestyle design house celebrated worldwide for its original prints and colors that bring joy to people’s lives everyday!


Marimekko founder Armi Ratia


We hope you enjoy the special anniversary collection pieces we have curated for you and will be offering throughout the year. The 2021 collection is an invitation to celebrate 70 years of Marimekko’s original prints and colors highlighting the very core of Marimekko: the art of printmaking! Marimekko’s design library contains over 3,500 prints created by various artists and new prints are added every year!


Marimekko 70 - the art of the printmaking


The first collection for 2021 highlights Marimekko’s artistic heritage and future-oriented attitude paying tribute to its most iconic patterns of all time in earth-toned palettes with bright pops of primary colors.  We are proud to have been selected to be part of a small group of selected retailers to offer some of the exciting and special limited edition anniversary products. Stay tuned for those product launches!

Marimekko 70 Anniversary Home Collection Inspiration


Marimekko has never been about disposable design but about longevity, timeless design, quality materials, and experienced craftsmanship that come together to form the core of their design and sustainability philosophy. It is Marimekko’s dream that their products, when properly cared for, will be used and cherished by several users and many years to come. Approximately a million meters of fabric is printed every year in Marimekko’s printing factory in Helsinki, Finland. 

Almost 90% of all cotton used by Marimekko is "Better Cotton" -  from the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). The BCI trains farmers to reduce water and chemical use and to care for the soil and the well-being of their employees. Lyocell is man-made fiber from renewable wood-based cellulose. The production process requires less energy than traditional viscose production and uses less harmful chemicals that can also be recycled in the process. Marimekko has been engaged in a research project led by Aalto University and the University of Helsinki with the goal of developing a birch-cellulose fiber. Recycled polyester prevents plastic from ending up as waste in the environment or landfill and saves energy in the production process. The recycled polyester is made from consumers’ plastic waste such as plastic bottles. For example, Marimekko’s smart bags are made with 100% recycled polyester.  


Marimekko 70 Black and White Home Collection Inspiration


Join us celebrating 70 years of Marimekko’s original prints and colors! There is a story behind every design at NØRDIK. What’s yours?



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