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IITTALA - 140 Years of Progressive Nordic Design

Written by Annika Caldwell


Posted on March 06 2021

In 2021, we celebrate another iconic Finnish brand: IITTALA and its 140th anniversary! As a pioneer of Nordic design, Iittala embraces the essence of Nordic living: the functional and refined aesthetics and also the deep respect for the progressive ideas that shape our way of life. Iittala believes in design that lasts from generation to generation. What started as a glass factory in 1881, now celebrates generations of essential objects that are made to enrich people’s everyday lives. During the anniversary year, Iittala celebrates its heritage and looks to the future in the changing world.



Design legend Alvar Aalto created his iconic series of glass vases in 1936. Inspired by waves ("aalto" in Finnish), the Aalto vase has become a timeless symbol of Scandinavian interior design since winning the 1937 Paris World Fair. Inspired by the thousands of lakes in his native Finland, the iconic collection of vases and bowls in different shapes and sizes combines form and function. 

Numbered limited Edition 2021 Iittala Aalto Vase in clear, copper, moss green and dark grey colors

There are only three vases left from the original production from the 1930’s. To commemorate Iittala’s 140th Anniversary one of the rarest Aalto shapes is coming out of the archives. The special / numbered limited edition 2021 vase in clear, copper, moss green and dark grey color is now available.

Iittala Alvar Aalto 100% recycled vase made in Finland

To commemorate Iittala’s 140th anniversary, a limited edition mouth-blown 100% recycled waste glass at the Iittala Glass Factory in Finland is also made available in 2021.  Made from wooden moulds, each recycled Aalto glass vase is a truly unique piece of modern home décor. Perfect for medium sized flower arrangements. A beautiful idea for conscious gift giving. Engraved with the year of production.

Iittala mouth-blown Alvar Aalto recycled glass vase made in Finland

For Spring 2021, Iittala is also featuring a Special Edition amethyst color!

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Iittala 140 Anniversary Alvar Aalto Collection in Special Edition Amethyst color

Oiva Toikka's iconic bird collection first took flight in 1972. Iittala's world famous BIRDS by TOIKKA collection has over 500 handcrafted species that were born from the artist's unique imagination. Combining his passion for nature and blown glass art, each bird is unique. This makes every bird a truly one of a kind piece of art! Handcrafted and mouth-blown at the Iittala Glass Factory, the collection embodies a rich fusion of glassmaking traditions.

Iittala BIRDS by Toikka Flycatchers glass birds mouth-blown in Finland

This special 140th Anniversary year, Iittala has re-launched the original FLYCATCHER glass bird collection from the 1970's. This lovely bird in rain color with red beak reflects light beautifully. An elegant home decoration that makes a precious gift.

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 Iittala Special Edition KARTIO pitcher

In KARTIO, designer Kaj Franck captured the perfect balance between material and geometric form. Simple, yet durable enough for everyday use, Franck mastered the creation of the basic drinking glass, which is a legendary design beyond any trend. The wide and versatile color palette of Kartio perfectly represents Iittala's knowledge of colored glass. Now available in Special Edition Anniversary pitcher and in a dark grey color that brings simple elegance to any setting!

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Iittala KASTEHELMI Collection in 2021 anniversary dark grey color

The groundbreaking raised droplet design of KASTEHELMI came from legendary designer Oiva Toikka's search to find a way to hide joint marks in glass. Kastehelmi ("dewdrop" in Finnish) features rings of raised glass droplets that resemble strings of dewdrops glistening under the morning sun. The beloved Kastehelmi collection offers a wide range of playful pieces that are both functional and decorative. For Spring 2021 Iittala is featuring a new elegant dark grey shade to commemorate Iittala's 140th anniversary!

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Iittala Alvar Aalto Vase in 140th Anniversary Amethyst Color

Join us celebrating 140 years of Iittala's progressive Finnish design!

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