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marimekko designers armi ratia

Armi Ratia, founder and CEO of Marimekko, was a textile artist and one of the most famous Finnish entrepreneurs. She served as the CEO of Marimekko from its inception until 1969 and again from 1971 till her passing in 1979. Armi studied textile design in Helsinki, graduating with her degree in 1935. She founded her first company in the form of a weaving mill in Vyborg until 1939, moving to Helsinki with her husband Viljo Ratia, owner of an oilcloth and print fabric company “Printex.”  Armi began to design bold and colorful print patterns, and within two years, Marimekko was born!  Although a renowned designer in her own right, Armi became more interested in marketing and was the visionary behind Marimekko, making it one of the most successful design brands in the world.

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