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Rörstrand was founded in the castle of Rörstrand in Stockholm, Sweden in 1726 under the direction of Johann Wolff, a German porcelain maker. This makes Rörstrand the second oldest brand of ceramics in Europe (after Meissen, 1709). The production at Rörstrand was first made in faience. The first decors were in cobalt blue, inspired by porcelain from China and other foreign countries. Porcelain became more available to everyone - before this, food was served mostly on metal plates. Rörstrand is the cultural heritage of Sweden whose 290 year history is captured for all to see in the Rörstrand museum in Lidkoping, Sweden opened by Carl Gustav XVI.
Today Rörstrand offers timeless designs in dinner plates, cups and other tableware. They offer a wide variety of designs including: Corona, Hoganas Keramik, Mon Amie, Sundborn, Pippi, Minimarket, Inblue, Ostindia, Swedish Grace, Emil, Eden, Inwhite, Ostindia Floris, Swedish Grace Winter, My First Swedish Grace, Filippa K, Kulinara, SPM and Advent Children.

The Ostindiadesign has been designated as the “Service of the Century” with an interesting history. In 1746, a Swedish cargo ship returning from China sank off the coast near Gothenburg. A fragment of a design piece from the ship turned up in the Rörstrand factory, years later in 1932, the wife of factory manager Knut Almstrom found the piece and encouraged him to think about using it as inspiration for a new design. Anna Lerinder is one of the foremost porcelain designers for Rörstrand and has created the Ostindia Floris, Swedish Red List and Mademoiselle Oiseau lines. In 2012 she was awarded the ELLE Interior Design prize for her elegant designs.

Over 60 years ago, Marianne Westman was absentmindedly sketching a Labrador tea flower, not knowing that 12 years later she would use that sketch as the springboard to her outstanding design career! A graduate of Stockholm’s University College of Arts, Crafts & Design, she would launch her first line “Mon Amie”in 1952 featuring a cobalt blue nuance. Marianne turned 80 in 2008 but her light-hearted design and her influential shift to making everyday life brighter has earned her a lasting place in Swedish design history.

Rörstrand boasts over 20 design artists, mostly women. This distinguished and well-awarded list includes but is not limited to: Louise Adelborg; Margot Barolo; Jonas Bohlin; Katarina Brieditis; Lina Ekstrand; Filippa K; Front; Monica Förster; Björn Hedlund; Lisa Larson; Anna Lerinder; Minimarket; Signe Persson-Melin; Sigrid Richter; Pia Rönndahl; Caroline Slotte; Pia Törnell; Ingrid Vang Nyman; Hanna Werningand Marianne Westman.

Rörstrand is a part of the Fiskars Corporation, the largest homeware products corporation in Scandinavia which includes prestigious brands such as Iittala, Royal Copenhagen, Hackman and of course Fiskars. These brands offer lasting products intended to enrich lives through their aesthetic beauty, timeless design and functionality while preserving our environment.

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