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Designer Philippe Malouin

British-Canadian designer Philippe Malouin is known for designing products that are practical and long-lasting. His unique designs use  simple geometric forms that speak to everyone. He believes understandable designs are calming and people have an innate affinity for them. 

His KURU collection designed for Iittala is a perfect example of simplistic design with functionality.  These distinct sculptural pieces bring harmony and elegance yet allow one to organize everyday personal items such as headphones, keys, jewelry and much more.   

The collection includes handmade bowls in ceramic and pressed glass as well as mouth blown, frosted vases.  Their design features enable these pieces to work in balance together but have enough individuality to be displayed on their own.  Kuru comes in complementary earthy, natural tones.

Philippe Malouin has collaborated with the following brands: Iittala>>