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oiva toikka

Oiva Toikka (1931 - 2019) is one of Finland’s premiere glass designers.  His creations are anything but mainstream and his use of bold colors and his unique creativity sets him apart from other Nordic designers.

Toikka’s design style is non traditional to say the least, often departing from the clean lines and simplistic characteristics of Finnish designs. 

Oiva also applies his talents to interior design, staging and fashion. 

Toikka is well known internationally with his career going back as far as the mid 1950s - working with both Finnish and European designers. His work has been recognized through such awards as the Prince Eugen Medal and the Kaj Franck Design Prize.  Oiva also holds the title “Professor of Arts”, awarded by the state of Finland in 1993.

One of his most well known series “Birds by Toikka” is a result of his limitless creative imagination and his profound expertise in glasswork. Designed for Iittala, this extensive handmade collection combines a wide variety of colors and interpretive shapes that have inspired the passion of collector’s worldwide.

Oiva Toikka has collaborated with the following brands: Iittala >

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