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Kalevala jewelry has a unique history founded in strong Finnish women, Finland’s National Epic and its history with Vikings!  Elsa Heporauta was a teacher and novelist in the 1930s in Puumala, Finland.  She mostly wrote about women’s stories of everyday life.  She decided that she wanted to establish a statue that would honor Finnish women.  In order to raise funds for the statue, she collaborated with other influential women in Finland and selected 40 models of Viking-era jewelry from the National Museum of Finland to be reproduced and sold.  These women eventually established the Kalevala Women’s Association, a cultural organization that still owns Kalevala Jewelry today!

After the Winter War in Finland and World War II, distinguished artist Germund Paaer was hired as the head of design at Kalevala. Paaer preferred his own style of design with a connection to history.  He helped inspire a vision at Kalevala for a contemporary collection inspired by history.  A design competition was held and artists such as Eero Rislakki, Börje Rajalin and Paula Häiväoja set the foundation for Kalevala’s contemporary collection.  Their approach to design made Kalevala one of the top jewelry design companies in Finland during the 50s and 60s.  Kalevala Jewelry's earrings, bracelets and other bronze jewelry designs, fashioned after Viking-era pieces have become an everlasting trend.

Today Kalevala Jewelry is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in Europe, manufacturing pieces in high-quality gold, silver and bronze.  Kalevala Jewelry also owns Lapponia Jewelry with a combined net sales of 14.5 million Euros.  The company’s headquarters, production facilities and sales offices are all located in the same building in Helsinki, Finland. Kalevala manufactures all its jewelry pieces there and prefers to source its materials from Finland.

Inside the Kalevala manufacturing center, old and modern come together as the goldsmiths combine new technology with the methods and tools of ancient jewelers.  Domestically harvested raw materials are used and recycled for use when necessary. Even waste water from the center is recycled and reused. Public tours are also offered so that everyone can see how Kalevala products are made.
Kalevala Jewelry maintains an incredibly talented pool of jewelry designers including: Anna Andersson, Antonio Mazzamauro, Arja Saarnio, Borje Rajalin, Elina Makkonen, Erja Hirvi, Germunc Paaer, Heli Kauhanen, Inger Lindholm, Jorma Koski, Kai Lindstrom, Kaisaleena Makela, Kaj Franck, Kirsti Doukas, Kirsti Iivessalo, Lina Simons, Mari Saari, Marja Arola, Marja Suna, Mirjam Salminen, Saija Saarela, Salla Uosukainen, Taru Harmaala Chaloff, Terhi Koivisto, Tiina Arkko, Tiina Lahtinen, Toivo Toukonen, Tony Granholm, Ulrika Owusu and Vesa Nilsson.

Jewelry pieces offered by Kalevala include necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches and charms. Visit our shop to see our full selection of Scandinavian design jewelry.