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Learn why we LOVE linen!

Linen is a sustainable choice, because it lasts from generation to generation. It only gets better over time. Linen is an ecological choice. Ground water is saved, since linen requires no irrigation. Instead, it uses rainwater to grow. The cultivation of linen maintains the healthy diversity of the ecosystem. If you care about nature, we recommend using linen.

Linen looks fabulous, feels great, is absorbent and dries fast. That is why it is the perfect choice for towels, pillows and clothes. It is a strong natural fibre with a beautiful shimmer, breathing and dirt repellent quality. 

Linen is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. Its natural pH balance softens the skin. Linen terry feels pleasantly rough on your skin. It improves the circulation and pampers your skin.

Linen is wrinkly, because the fibre is strong and non-elastic. Intentionally wrinkled 100% washed linen is a relaxed, easy and classy material. Linen is silky smooth, because it has a natural shine.