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NØRDIK Brings Sustainable Scandinavian Design to Reno

Written by Annika Caldwell


Posted on October 28 2018

Reno, Nevada – NØRDIK is a small design store on a big mission: Tell the sustainable Scandinavian design stories to the world, while leading the way to socially-conscious business practices. 

New Reno business founded by a former humanitarian worker

It is no wonder why minimalistic and functional Scandinavian design appeals to so many. It helps us beat the Fall blues with calm-and-cozy “hygge” vibe, but also challenges us to pay attention to how the products are made.

These are also some key characteristics of NØRDIK, a Scandinavian design store founded by a former humanitarian worker Annika Caldwell. After an intense career helping others in need and coordinating humanitarian aid missions around the world, Annika wanted to raise awareness for sustainable lifestyle and green economy through her other passion: design!

“We believe in responsible and sustainable consumption and production,” states NØRDIK’s founder and owner Annika. “We work with brands and designers who share our values, and offer products that are made of natural materials, produced with minimal impact on the environment, and are safe for consumers and those who are part of the manufacturing process.”

Commitment to sustainability ties into every aspect of the business. NØRDIK uses eco-friendly packaging and print materials. They partner with industry certified, like-minded companies to source their supplies and services, including shipping. The business gives back by supporting non-profit causes.

NØRDIK proudly tell the stories behind the designs

Building on their values, NØRDIK has created a curated selection of beautiful, high quality and long-lasting home decor products that are meant to last a lifetime. To honor the brilliant craftsmanship, they want to give all the credit to the brands and designers by telling their design stories.

“Our slogan is that there is a story behind every design at NØRDIK, because there really is!” Annika explains. “For example, Lapuan Kankurit products are made of environmentally friendly linen and traceable materials and are in line with sustainable and responsible design and production principles.“

Discover the unique designs online exploring our online store!


  • NØRDIK was founded in July 2018 by Annika Caldwell
  • NØRDIK offers a carefully curated collection of sustainable Scandinavian design, including home decor, textiles, tableware, accessories, and gifts.


Annika Caldwell | NØRDIK | Founder and Owner

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